Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Monthly Madness May 2022!

 Hello!  May is the month that I always do all masculine cards, even though some of them could be for either male or female.  To me, it is the hardest month of cards to come up with ideas for, but I was up to the task and I say, job well done!  This month I did not do a fun fold card.  I could say it is because men can't follow direction, (lol!), but the real reason is that I think (long story) I will be moving this month, as my rent is going up $300 + and I was hoping the simpler cards would be easier on me.  I also want to mention, that just like last month, I did not stamp any with a Happy Father's Day sentiment, but I do have stamps that say this, so if you need me to add this on one or more card panels, just let me know.  I am here to help you.  I think by now, you know you get 2 each of the 5 cards, plus a bonus card made by me, ready to send, all for $35 ($30 + $5 shipping).  Color copies and written instructions are also included.  And sometimes you might get extra help, like last night I did a Facebook Live where I showed how to create the hidden pop-up card that was in last month's kit.  If you missed it last night, you can still watch it anytime on my Facebook page, Tina's Monthly Madness.  Now, let's get to those masculine cards ... enjoy!  Oh, one last thing, I did go a little crazy on adding fun pun stamps on the cards.  If you want serious cards ... well, I guess for this month, you'll have to do them yourself!  

First, up is a fishing card with an adorable little fisherman stamp.  I got this set last Black Friday and have been waiting to ink it up!  Pun #1 coming your way!

Don't you just love him? I think this is the perfect manly card, and I don't really think it matters if they fish or not!  In the stamp set, there is a Happy Father's Day for the little sign which I can substitute if you need me to.
The next two cards using stamps that I used on card kit in 2019, I figure I could use them again!  I think I added a cupcake to the truck bed last time, I like this sunshine/cloudy theme even better.

This next one has to be a birthday card because the sentiment mentions birthday and it is too fun not to use ...

Here I go with puns again for the inside ...
My next card has a little fun golf scene and another pun to give you a giggle ...

I ordered some really cute bbq paper and I thought about this stamp I have of this cool bbq guy, but then I looked back at last year's cards, I realized I used him last time.  So, in that same set there was this grill and another pun!  Had to do it, lol!

One last pun... you know like Seize the Day!\

For my bonus card, I decided to do a patriotic card with another guy ... Sam, Uncle Sam!  This stamp just makes me smile!

That is my May kit.  I hope they make you smile.  Remember, if you do not get consecutive months, make sure you let me know as soon as possible you want this month's kit because I will start cutting paper right away since I might be adding a packing and moving situation in the middle of it all!  

Happy Stamping!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Monthly Madness April 2022!

 Hello! The April samples are ready!  Since Mother's Day is next month, I wanted this month's cards to be very feminine.  Now, I did not stamp Happy Mother's Day on any of them, so if you don't need cards for that occasion, you can easily make them for Birthday or other occasions.  I do want to mention though that I have a few Happy Mother's Day stamps that I could add to any of the cards, all you have to do is ask and I will gladly add it.  Before I get to the cards, here is a reminder of the ordering details...

You get 2 of 5 designs + a bonus card, made by me, ready to send.  You also get color copies of all the cards and written instructions.  All for $35 ($30 + $5 shipping).  You can pay me by paypal, venmo, check, or cash.  

Okay, now let me show you my cards.  I love them all, I hope you do too!  Enjoy!

Card #1 is my monthly fun fold card.  This one is called a Hidden Pop-Up Flap Fold.  I know it does not look easy to make, but it really is!  Last month, I did a Facebook Live that went quite well, so I am thinking I will do one to specifically show this card, step by step.  And of course, you will have my written instructions too!  Can't wait for you to see ...

As you pull the center section, you start to see...

And then fully opened, you see the pop-up!

Here is a close-up of the pop-up.

Next, we have a sweet cooking card ...

Note, did you see how her scarf in her hair and her apron pockets match the plaid paper?  LOVE!

Teacups and flowers ...

The next card I just love.  If you are online a lot, you might recognize this from Stampin' Up.  I got this last year along with the matching set of stamps.  However, I was told I am not allowed to stamp their stamps and then add to kits, but there are no copyrite rules on dies, so I combined theirs with a few of mine!

The gate actually opens!
The next card uses a stamp that I have used before in the kits but I think it has been at least a year, so I just had to stamp again.  This card is so pretty and it so reminds me of my mom.  I would be giving her this card if she was still here with me, but she is in heaven with my dad.  

And last but not least, my bonus card ...

That is it for this month!  If you are not one that gets consecutive months, be sure to let me know you want this month's kit.  I always make a few extra, but it still best to get your name on one!  

Happy Stamping!

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Monthly Madness March 2022!

Hello!  The March samples are done and ready to share with you!  I have a few new stamps that I got last year during Black Friday sales, that I am so excited to get to ink up.  So much so, I actually have an optional add-on.  I will tell you more about that after I show you the regular kit samples, with the theme of part spring and part sympathy cards, which I had requests for.  Let's get right to it...enjoy!

Every month I do one fun fold in my set of cards, so you can learn new techniques along with making pretty cards to send.  This one is called a Bookbinding Diamond Easel card.  I love this one...

And then when opened, it makes into an easel.  There is a white panel underneath that you can write your message on.  I just did not take a photo of it.

For the next card, I knew I wanted to use a couple of circle images from this one new stamp set and when looking through my paper choices, there was one that so embodied spring that I knew it would make a unique card.  I did opt to add a sentiment on the front that says Celebrate Spring.  So hopefully, that will work for you.  Of course, if it doesn't, you can always let me know, and I will stamp a different sentiment on yours.

Another new set of stamps gave me a chance to create with this oh so pretty floral wreath stamp and die and pretty papers too!

This one would make a perfect thank you card, a thinking of you card, and even a birthday card.  Just add your message.

So, all the cards so far, are pretty.  Did you think I could do a whole set of cards without a cutesy one?  Nope, here we go...

I decided to leave the inside of this one blank, as it is perfect for so many occasions.  It will definitely put a smile on their face.

Next, is a simple and beautiful sympathy card.  When looking for ideas, I saw so many with butterflies, so I am joining in! (Note, looking at photo below, it looks like the embossing was backwards, but on the actual card it is the right way, strange!)

So, the inside sentiment below is crooked!!  Yours will not be.  I did not realize it until I had uploaded the photo.  
Since the sympathy card in the kit, is definitely feminine, I thought it would be a good idea to make my bonus card a masculine sympathy card.  

I hope you enjoyed seeing the March kit samples, as much as I loved creating them.  I do have an additional add-on if you are interested.  You know the Spring card with those nice images in the circles? Well, that set of stamps actually is a set of six different circle images, so when I was thinking of cards to make, I thought about making a set of small notecards in lieu of one of the cards, but I talked myself out of it, because it was going to be more costly and I wasn't sure if anyone would have an interest in them.  So, then I came up with the idea that I could offer the set of card kits for an additional fee of $11.  This includes envelopes for the 4 cards and the additional shipping it will require adding it to your March package.  The size on these are 5" x 3 1/2".  I love how these came out!  Let me show you the set ...

As you can see, they all have the same pretty paper, and the same sentiment but 4 different images. Typically, I don't think any panels are added on the inside, however, I felt they did not look complete if I did not add them, so I did.  I figure you can always leave them out, if you are writing a longer note.

Just an overview, for the regular monthly kit, you get 2 each of 5 designs plus the bonus card made by me, ready to send.  All for $35 ($30 + $5 shipping).  And then if you are interested in the add-on notecard set this month, that is an additional $11.  

I think it was a couple of years ago, I did a Facebook Live video and I had trouble with the contraption I bought to hold my phone so I could be hands free, so I recently got something that might work better, so I am planning on doing that tomorrow night at 7 p.m. on my business page, Tina's Monthly Madness.  Tune in and say hello!  If anyone had trouble with last month's bunny box, I thought I could show a how-to and I have a couple of tips to share.  Hope to see you.

And of course, if you are not one that gets consecutive months of kits, be sure to let me know you want this month's kit.  Again, it is later in the month than I would like, so I will start kitting right away. I still hope to get back on a more timely track sometime soon.  

Happy Stamping!


Monday, February 14, 2022

Monthly Madness February 2022!

Hello!  I know I am a bit late on getting the kit samples ready.  Sometimes creativity is easy, sometimes it is not.  But I always know that I will eventually get some creative mojo going and what I will create will be great, and they are!  I know you will think so too!  The theme for this month is Easter.  Yes, I know this is way early, but if I wait until March, that might not give you enough time to receive the kits, make them, and send them, so February it is! Before I get to the cards, I have to add the kit details ...

In each kit, you will receive 2 each of the 5 designs, plus a bonus card made by me, ready to send.  The cost is $35 ($30 + $5 shipping). You can pay me by paypal, venmo, check or cash.

To the cards ... enjoy!

Every month I aways like to do one "special" fun fold type card.  This one I saw variations of late last year, and there are a couple of companies that have a die that creates this, but I made this one on my own.  Super easy and fun!

Is this not adorable?  And the best part is it folds flat and will fit into a regular A2 envy.

I always like to make sure there is an area to write a message, so on this one I made the back section a pocket.

Card #2 has more bunny love!  I love bunnies!  LOL!

It is hard to see in the photo but the whole front is popped up over the aqua panel.  This will be a slight challenge for me, as I will be adding the eyes and bow ties.  For you, simply add pink on the ears (which does not show in photo) and assemble.  This is the inside ...

My next two cards are what I think Easter is really about.  It is hard to find much designer paper that works with religious images, so pretty flowers it is!

I know I used this cross stamp last year, but it is so pretty, I could not resist using it again.

Next ...

So, we had bunnies, got have some chicks too!

Those chicks "crack me up"!  Lol!  I also get the chance to use one of my favorite stamps for the inside!

Lastly, is the bonus card.  Every month, I say to myself, do an easy one, don't use an image where you have to color a lot.  Because so many months, the kits are ready to go, and I am still trying to get the bonus cards done.  Lol!  Well, this month, I did not necessarily listen to myself, because there will be some coloring to do, but it is sooo cute!

That's it for this month's Easter card kit.  I hope you like them as much as I do.  Be sure to let me know you want this month's kit, especially if you are not one that does consecutive months.  Don't miss out!

Happy Stamping!

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