Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Bella Time!

First card in the new room had to be Miss Sellabella for our realtor who helped us find our new little home in the country. But I knew I had to make two so I could also give one to our Fort Worth realtor who did an excellent job selling my mom's house back in June and I know will be selling our house in Fort Worth real soon too! So here are those 2 cards. They are different but the same. Yes, I am totally into flowers, ribbon, and my cuttlebug! Check out the Key charms! I found them in my stash from long ago. Too cute!

The other card I created in the last few days is a birthday card made for our granddaughter who turned 4. She loves Strawberry Shortcake so I immediately thought of stamping the Poppy Bittybloom! I saw her in pink so I went with it! I love the way it turned out!

Texas Travels...
Now my dilemma is WHAT to take with me on our upcoming RV trip! Do I take the pics and all my papers and embellishments for my Alaska book or should I take just some small card making projects to work on as time allows? I just hate to think I won't stamp anything for 6 whole weeks! I originally thought I should take all the Alaska stuff but now I think maybe that's too much to take and too much of a commitment. Will think on this some more. I have a couple of days before we leave. I am taking my laptop on the trip so where I get WIFI I will post pics of the trip. I have this grand idea to every day pick out one picture for that day. At the Mesquite stamp convention back in January, I purchased from Glue Arts this giant rolodex platform where I plan to make a page for each picture, which will be one per day. So, I thought I could post the pic a day here during our trip and then when I return home and finish the individual pages with the included pic of the day, I can post those too!

Happy Stamping!


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