Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Favorites!

Hello!  I am back today with my favorites creations of 2012.  It seems I am going to be a little short on total blog posts for the year, as this post makes 181 and last year, I had 203 posts.  Oh well, I still made lots of great cards. And I know this because I had a really hard time narrowing my favorites down to the top 36.  Thank goodness, the last two years I have done the top 36, as I could never pick just 12!  I am going to be organizing and showing you a little differently this year, as I found that there were a lot of favorites in the classes I taught and the Saturday shares.  I am showing you the class cards first.  As always, if you click on the title under the pics, it will take you to my original blog post. 

Favorite Class Cards:

I Love You!

I Salute You!
Hey Chick!
Howdy Friend!
Hello My Friend!

Just for Sweet You!
Tea Time!
Count My Blessings!
Don't Forget to Smile!
Season's Greetings!
Snow Much Fun!

Box Card Gift!

O.k. that was 12!  The next 8 are from cards I made for the Saturday Sketch Shares. 

Box of Love!
Toad-ally Great!
Some Bunny Loves You!
A Beautiful Day!
You Brighten My Day!
Hive Been Thinking About You!
Cow Are You!
Life is a Song!

Presto #1
Presto #2
Presto #3
Smile #1
Smile #2
Smile #3
Smile #4

Then there are two cards that got repeated over and over, same stamps, but different papers and sketches.  I am picking my favorite of each but I am giving you all the links!

Praying for You!
And one above + 13 more to round out my top 36 picks!
Hey Ewe!
A Happy Hello!

Happy Mom's Day!
Thank You My Friend!
To The World!
Praying for You!
Birthday Wishes!
You Shine!

From Our House to Yours!
Santa's Little Helper!
Season's Tweetings!
Sweet Holiday Wishes!
Glory to God!

It seems I couldn't resist picking a bunch of the Christmas cards I recently made!  I hope you enjoyed going through all the cards and the provided links!  It has taken me several hours today to make my selections, upload them, and link them for you! 

I got a new stamp with New Year's in mind, but I am a little behind.  Before I can create anything, I have to go clean up my room.  It is in shambles from all the Christmas card creating!  So, look for me in a day or two with my first card for 2013! 

Happy New Year!
Happy Stamping!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Sketch Share ...

Hello!  I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I did not get my card done this week for the share, and so instead of just showing you Debbie's card, I decided to wait until next Saturday to show you both cards!  I also was hoping to have time to pick my favorite cards for 2012 and get that post ready for you.  That has not happened because yesterday we had to drive up to Fort Worth and sign a paper saying they had my mom's cemetery plot is marked off in the right area.  Seems silly, but we are sure that somewhere along the way, someone got buried in the wrong place and now they have this requirement.  Anyway, interesting fact about my parents plots:  they were purchased in April of 1950 for $100.  And they had paid on them for the 20 months before at $5.00 a month.  I asked yesterday how much those would cost today.  She said $3500 each!  Wow!  That is inflation!  And pretty crazy considering that land has long been paid for.  They are just gouging fine folks!  O.k. that's my 2 cents there.  I am still doing good with all of it.  I really thank everyone for praying and keeping me in their thoughts.  It is really helping me.  Such peace! 

I will get to the 2012 favorites soon.  So, stop back by tomorrow or the next day! 

Happy Stamping!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rest in Peace Mom!

Hello!  My blog has always been a way for me to not only share my creations with you but also a way for me to document happenings in my life.  Today I have a big happening.  My mom passed away peacefully at 3 a.m. this morning.  I have asked others for a few months to pray that God comes to take her home soon, as I felt it was time for her to leave the confusion of the Alzheimer's disease and go and be with my dad who has been gone since 1996.  They would have celebrated their 59th the year he passed.  She has not known me for quite some time and the nursing home nurses and aides do everything for her.  I got the call on Christmas Day that they thought she was starting the shutting down process.  She continued that process yesterday and I was with her most of the day. I told her that I loved her and that it was time for her to go.  I have to believe she understood.  Today, I do not feel sad, but I do feel blessed that she is now in peace and has gone "home" to be with my dad, her parents and her five sisters.  Here is a favorite pic of her and I.  This one was take in 1995. This was before the Alzheimer's and look how happy she was.  The same way she is right now!

Dorothy Alice Burkhart Brown
Born October 13, 1915
Died December 27, 2012

Yesterday, I did a post with all the handmade creations I received.  I wanted to let you know I had a late addition.  It came in the mail yesterday after I had already done the post.  I edited the post to include the latest addition, so be sure to scroll down to check it out! 

See you soon!
Happy Stamping!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Handmade Receives Share!

Merry Christmas + One Day!  I had planned on doing this post yesterday, but just didn't do it!  I haven't been in my shack since early last week, so I don't have anything to share that I have made, but I do have a wonderful share of the handmade goodies I received during the holiday to share with you today.  It's the nice thing about having a blog, as I can share not only my creations, but others too!  Let's do it ... enjoy!  They are in no particular order and I will let you know who made each, plus, probably a comment or two from me know I can't resist!

Made by Betty Thomas (great use of embossing folder and glitter paper!)

Made by Teresa Woods (maybe Tim Holtz inspired, but Teresa's colors and creativity!)

Made by Eileen Flannery (beautiful poinsettia die cut out of velvet ribbon ... great idea!)

Made by Paula DeHart (combined store bought and handmade to create wonderful!)

Made by Esther Owens (beautiful die cut and pretty papers!)

Made by Sara Pritchett (gift tag pretty ... love!)

Made by Martha Blessing (great coloring!)

Karolyn Knight (so sweet and I recognize this sketch!)

Every year, I give you posts of my favorite cards and projects.  I will be back tomorrow or the next day with one of those posts!  See you then!

Happy Holidays!  Happy Stamping!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday Sketch Share!

Hello!  I am back today with the sketch share for you between Debbie and I.  The image I used was one that I had planned on using in my Christmas card making, but I just ran out of time, so I was so glad that I could make it work for the card today!  Let's do it ... I will show you my card, Debbie's card, and the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!
My Card

Debbie's Card

The Sketch
They both came out nice, I think!  Do you like them? 

I have a few handmade cards and gift tags I got from friends to share that I will post on Christmas Day!  See you then!

Merry Christmas!
Happy Stamping!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Reindeer Games!

Hello! Today I have a quick card to show you. Last weekend, my my step granddaughter who is 13, asked me to make a basketball Christmas card for her to give to a friend. My first thought was I don't have a basketball stamp, but then I thought ... how hard could it be to make one? So, that is what I did! Adding the cute reindeer stamp and a sentiment from the computer made the card complete! Before I show you, I need to let you know, that I totally forgot to take a picture of the card before I sent it off in the mail, so I asked her to take a picture when she got it and text it to me. She did that, which is great, so I could share it with you. But, the lighting pretty much sucks. I tried to work on it and it is better than it was, but it is still not great. Here it is ...

The basketball is a Spellbinders Classic Circle die, the Stampin' Up Square Lattice embossing folder to give it texture, and a black copic to hand draw the lines.  And of course, you recognize the reindeer from Verve!  I tried to keep it simple.  I hope her friend likes it.
See you tomorrow for the share.
Happy Stamping!

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