Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  I really thought I would spend more time in my room this week, but that was before I found out what cold weather we were going to have!  Early in the week, it was downright chilly!  I do have a nice heater in my shack but when it is 40 or before, it just takes forever to heat up that metal building.  I did put up with it just long enough to make today's card and that was it!  Later in the week, the weather was better, but I was off doing other stuff.  So, maybe the next few days, I can get some mojo going and make some things to show you.  For now, I have two cards, one from me, and one from Debbie, plus, the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!
My Card
Debbie's Card

The Sketch
Wow, Debbie sure picked a perfect week to do a winter card!  So, cute!  She wasn't sure about it, but I think it is adorable!  My card, I thought, came out pretty cute too!  I have quite a few Pure Innocence girls that I got late in the year that haven't been inked up yet.  Love this one!  The sketch?  It should definitely get added to the list of go-to sketches.  It is perfect when you have a tall, skinny image.  What do you think?

Stay warm!  See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


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