Wednesday, April 13, 2016

From 12 x 12 to a Mini! (+ A How-To)

Hello!  I made a mini book for The Crafty Scrapper's blog today.  Below, is the post I shared.  I was given some papers from a new travel line and I thought, great time for a mini book. So, of course, I went looking for ideas. Found a cool idea but remembered that last year, I did a mini book, so I decided I had better go and make sure I wouldn't be repeating myself. Yep, not exact, but so close. I went to plan B, which was this little gem. The keyword is little ... in fact, I worried that it was too small for photos and such. I took the time to print a few photos of my own and add to my book. Now, I kinda like this little mini!  Here is my post ...
Hello, Tina here, to share a mini book made with just one piece of 12 x 12 cardstock for the base! Adding travel designer papers from Authentique's Collection: Explore made it complete.
Here is an opened view...
(Did you see I actually filled it with some photos?)
And here is the look from the backside to show you the spine.

Now, are you ready for the instructions?
1. Score at 1 1/2", 6" and 10 1/2".
2. Turn and score at 3". 6", and 9".
3. Rotate back and cut along 6 inch score line to the last horizontal score line. 
See photo below...
Note, changed paper color so you could see score lines better. 
4. You now fold one side of the cut line back and forth, accordion style. And fold down the other half, again back and forth. In the end, it will look like the below photo.
Use tape to secure the openings, decorate and add a paper spine and ribbon to close.  

I am working on my next class samples, so as soon as I get them done, I will be here to show you.

Happy Stamping!


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