Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Explosion Box!

Hello!  On Saturday, I went to The Crafty Scrapper to participate in their make it take event for the store's 10 year birthday bash.  So, last week, in between prepping for my make in take, I made an explosion box for Carolyn.  She loved it.  I think you will too ... enjoy!

The first photo is the box closed.  In the ones I did in class, I added a cute PI girl on the top, but I know that Carolyn's taste is not "cutesy", so I decided to just do a paper bow.  I had to go back through my own blog posts to find the tutorial.  In case you need it again, you can check it out here.

 And then when the lid comes off ....the wow ....

Here is a close-up of the little cake I made ...

The bottom layer is simply a strip of paper in a circle, so if you push too hard it could collapse.  If I was to do this for a class, I think I would have to add something in the middle to make it sturdier.  The top layer, of course, has the tea light that lights up.  The 10 was made from the numbers from a Thickers pack.  I just put two of them together to make it thicker.  I actually used some stickles on the center of the tiny flowers.  I originally thought of tiny rhinestones, but decided the stickles was quicker and easier. 

I didn't go  with as many pockets as I did on the ones I made for the class.  They had 20 pockets.  Hers had 8.  The four on the outer sides, I added art quotes from an unmounted set of that was in my stash.  (unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of these).  The inside pockets I typed my message on the computer, using one of the cool fonts I downloaded.  I even added numbers so she would read them in order.  Here is a photo of those inserts ...

I think they are a little hard to read, so here is what they say ...

The Crafty Scrapper Celebrates
10 Wonderful Years
Sharing Memories, Friendships, Creativity, Ideas, Art & Fun
Congratulation Carolyn   I am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing store. I look forward to the next 10!

She had some tears when she read it.  That just made my day

I have one more photo for you.  This is the table with the cake and food for the day.  It looked so pretty, I just had to share.

That tall looking cake behind the big sheet cake is actually made from paper and was made by one of the design team members, Amy Lanford.  If this link works to my facebook page here, you can get a closer view.  It is awesome!  It was such a fun day!

My time was paid with a gift card, which I didn't leave the store with much of it, as they got in some new My Favorite Things that I had to have!  Ha, Ha!  Maybe I will get some new cards made with them this week, in between pre prepping for my next class.  And it seems I am back tracking and pre prepping some of the pieces that I thought were now done, because the class is full and there are still a few that want to take it.  She is ordering me more paper pads!  Crazy!  But, I will not turn it down! 
See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


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