Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  I am back today with another sketch share between Debbie and I.  I also have an enabler share of I tool I recently purchased at the end.  But, first, let me show you my card, Debbie's card and the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!
My Card
Debbie's Card

The Sketch
 I think we both really like this sketch.  And yes, I did too, even though it is on the simple side for how I like my cards to be. (as you know!)  I see now I should have added one more bauble on the bottom strip and on the right side I see that both strips are "v'd".  In my room, I have these sketches printed out and I think there is maybe 6 months on one sheet and so it makes the sketches really small.  Usually, there is no problem, but these couple of left out things would have enhanced my card, so I wish I would have looked on the computer before sending it off!  If I do this sketch again, I will remember!  Before I get to the specifics of my card, I do want to say that I love Debbie's card this week, the theme and the papers! 
 I specifically stamped this solid popsicle stamp so that I could use my new stamping tool ... enabler alert to follow ... I used the MISTI, which stands for most incredible stamping tool invented.  You probably have heard of it, or may even have one.  It is not brand new, it just took me a while to justify spending money on another stamp positioner type tool, as I rarely use the other stamp positioners I own.  This one is different!  I was slow to come around to liking clear stamps, but now I really love the ease of being able to see where your stamping, but the one thing I hate about clear stamps is when it is a solid stamp.  I just don't get the solid inking like you do with wood mounted.  And often, I don't buy stamps sets in clear that have solid stamps in them.  I have thought about buying new sets of inks to help with this issue, but really I have enough colored ink, just wished there was a another solution .... well, with the MISTI, there is!   With this stamp positioner, you can stamp over and over exactly in the same spot every time, with no realigning.  So cool.  Here I have a little visual to show what I mean.  Below both photos were stamped with the distress inks.  The top one shows the inks stamped once, and you can see why I have this issue.  The one below shows using the same inks over the top.  I think it was 3 times, not sure. 


Wow, what a difference!  When I am prepping for my classes, and I have a lot of stamping to do and especially when I need exact placement of an image, I really think this is going to be so helpful.  I have seen a few you tube videos of how others have found it helpful, like when you are stamping a large background.  I don't use large backgrounds a lot, but when I do, I am sure I will be using the MISTI.  To order, you get it from the creator, at  I am not associated with her, don't know her, nothing, except I like her tool.  She does not do wholesale, so you will not find it at your local stores.  If you haven't seen it, do some research and look at some of the videos and see what you think.  I have only had it a week, so as I use it, I will try to have more visuals to show how it is helpful to me. 

Next week, I have more birthday cards to show you.
Have a great weekend!
Happy Stamping!


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