Monday, February 15, 2016

Ewe Complete Each Other! (Part 2 of Valentine share!)

Hello!  Yesterday, I had several Valentines that I gave or received to show you.  Today, I have one more.  This one I made for my niece and her new hubby (married in December).  I know she says that the hubby, Ryan,  likes my cards, so it was really fun to do one for the two of them.  It is cutesy card but I knew that would be no problem, as they have a fun outlook on life, don't have to be serious!  Here is my card ... enjoy!

 It is very hard to see in the scanning of my card the detail on the sheep.  I added white fun flock so they would be "sheepy"!  (No, I know that isn't a read word!)  Here is a close-up ...

Their wedding back in December had a Star Wars theme, as they married the same weekend the movie came out.  A couple of weeks ago, my friend, Donna and I were at Canton, and I found the giant Pez dispenser of Darth Vader.  I had to get it!  The funny part is that I after I got home and was showing it to Gary did I realize that when his head is pulled back to dispense the Pez candies, his eyes flash and he plays the Star Wars movie theme!  OMG, how awesome it that!  I knew it would be a fun Valentine gift to send them.  Below is a photo, not the best, as I didn't think to take the picture until I was packing it up to send, but enough you can get the idea ...

I got a text and they liked "Darth"! And their card!   Yippee!
One last share about a Valentine ... I wanted to tell you that the Hallmark card Gary got for me has our card maker influence all over it.  The flowers look water colored, and they added glitter and rhinestones!!  Yep,  He picked that one for that reason.  And I love it! 
See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


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