Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Each New Day Brings Hope!

Hello!  Today I am sharing one of about 12 cards I made early last week.  One of the ladies at church that buys cards from me had asked if I could make her some get well and sympathy cards.  She first asked me about three weeks ago but I put off doing it until I got past my big class last month.  I decided I was going to make an additional one of each card to take to The Crafty Scrapper to try to sell on consignment.  I don't know if they will sell or not, but I have been thinking about it trying it all year.  I kept telling myself that I would wait until I had a bunch of cards to take, well, it is May and I have yet to make a bunch, so I decided I should start somewhere!  There is another couple of people that sell their cards, but of course, they are different than mine.  One of the ladies sells hers for $3.29 but because the store will take a 20% consignment fee, I just couldn't go that low.  Also, mine will be finished on the inside with cardstock panels, some stamped, some not.  I am selling mine for $4 each, which means I would receive $3.20 each, which is low, but I hated to be too much higher.  We'll see how it goes.  I am thinking it will make me take time to make some cards and of course, I can show you them here too.  The one I have for you today could be used for sympathy or get well.  Enjoy!
And the inside ...

Love the spring time colors on this one, don't you?

I will try to be back tomorrow to show you another.  I need to take some time and pre write some posts so that are all set and I don't have to remember to do each day!  Not enough hours in my day!

Happy Stamping!


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