Monday, June 26, 2017

Praying for You Cards Week 1!

Hello!  I am continuing on with showing you many creations that I have made in the last several months that I have not shown you here.  All of this week, I will be showing you sets of 8 cards that I created for the request I talked about last week for a church in Fort Worth that was interested in praying for you cards.  I was told that I could do the same card for the eight but you know me, it is hard to do that.  So, like with today's cards, I did I think 4 of the first card and then 2 each of 2 other similar ones to create the 8 cards.  Today's cards features a pretty tulip.  I do want to say that I made this set in probably March, so the tulip was right in the season of Spring.  Enjoy ...

The fun part about the last 4 cards (2 sets of 2) are that you die cut the two panels at the same time and this creates 2 cars. It such a simple but pretty idea.  The first card is pretty too, but not as simple.  And since I am only getting paid $3 per card, I have to do simple.  Love how all of these came out.  I will see you tomorrow for the next set!

Happy Stamping!


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