Thursday, July 9, 2015

Floral Prayers!

Hello!  When I make cards, I always put them on my computer so that I can put them here on the blog for you to see.  Well, it seems that I have quite a number of cards that I made a couple of months ago just sitting in a folder waiting for me to write a blog post to show you!  That is pretty darn bad.  We are going to fix that right now!  Here are a couple of pretty cards that could be for either sympathy or get well.  Enjoy!

Both are using the same set from Verve called Inspire Hope.  Love them both.  I especially love the clear vellum layer on the first card.  Just that simple layer adds interest.

I am writing a post for tomorrow, and two more for next week.  It is bad enough that I don't make cards like I should, but it even worse that I put off showing you what I have made!

Happy Stamping!


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