Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wishing You a Reely Great Day!

Hello!  So, I got another order from a church friend to make 3 fishing and 3 hunting men birthday cards.  I said, oh sure, I can make them, no problem.  I knew my friend Donna would have stamps I could use, so I wasn't too worried.  And then her mom got put in the hospital and it went from bad to worse.  So, my friend Donna is where she needs to be, with her mom, not at home where I can rifle through her stamps, as making cards is not important compared to her mom's health. (This is where I ask you to send prayers for Edie!)  I needed to get one made week before last, so I went to the internet and found  digital stamps.  I did have to reduce the size on my printer to make it work for my card.  She loved the card, hope you do too!  Enjoy!

I paid $5 for the digital stamp, which sucks a little as I will probably only get $4 for the card!  I figure I can make it up on the others.  I found some camouflage paper that I thought might can work for one of the hunting cards, and then also some designer paper for another, and maybe I can come up with a little scene with some old Stampscapes stamps.  I borrowed a couple of fishing stamps from my friend Karolyn that are gonna work.  I just gotta get these made!  I have a lot of fish stamps but mine are whimsical and I felt this isn't the look she was wanting. 
I think I have at least one more card on my "catch up" list to show you.  And yes, I promise to finish my baby book post for you too!  I am trying to add links to where I got some of the steps I made. 
See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


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