Saturday, October 17, 2015

1/2 of Saturday's Sketch Share and More!

Hello!  I don't have my card made for today's share but I do have Debbie's card and the sketch.  I promise next Saturday to have 1 and a half for you.  On Wednesday, I went to get the tooth that was bothering me last week extracted.  Crazy thing is that I ended up getting a broken one behind it extracted too.  And unbelievably, I have had no pain!  It's amazing!  So, other than Wednesday, I have spent every waking moment on this class I am teaching next week.  I really overdid it this time, for sure.  Thankfully, my BFF, Donna came to my house two days this week to help me.  I have a couple of photos to share ... the first one shows all the cardstock pieces cut, die cut and stamped ready ...

Because I have to have die cut pieces for all the kits, that means that everything I stamp or die cut, has to be done 68 times!  I am pretty much done with the die cutting, the stamping, and all the cardstock cutting.  But, not it is time to go to the 6 x 6 pad cutting.  Here is a photo of the sheets ready to be cut ... look at that stack!

I am going to start this today.  I am going to have to leave the t.v. off because if I make a mistake, I am in trouble.  Wish me luck!
Now, let's do half of the share with Debbie's card ... enjoy!

Debbie's Card

The Sketch
I love Debbie's card.  These crazy birds stamps by Tim Holtz are so fun.  I haven't purchased them because they are a little big for my liking!  But, pretty darn cute!  Great card!  And great sketch too.  I know exactly what I want to stamp on the circle, just gotta get past Wednesday's class to have time to make my card! 

I think there might still be two spots left in my classes.  I am hoping they get filled or it's possible that someone would like to  purchase and extra kit.  That happens a lot.

Take care!  See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


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