Tuesday, June 28, 2016

You're Dog-Gone Awesome!

Hello!  This is my second post today as I am doing a little catching up with card creations I have made but haven't shared here.  Today's card was made for my hubby for Father's Day from the "girls", the Chihuahua's!  I know it is silly, but it works, right?  Enjoy!

It's a hoot, for sure!  On the inside I put "To Us"!  The other funny thing is that on the back of the card where I would sign my name and date it, I put "hired by CoCo and Foxy, made by Tina"!  Ha, Ha!  With those names, can you see why the images are colored the way they are? 

See you tomorrow as I continue this catching up!
Happy Stamping!


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