Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cake Pull Ups x 3!

Hello!  Since I did a post yesterday with my class samples and I mentioned to you that the card with the pull up cake I have done several times but I had not shown them to you, I decided it would be a good post for today.  I have three cards to show you basically the same except each uses different papers.  All three are made with the cake interactive die set from My Favorite Things.  The die cut pieces create a card that is a one tiered cake but when the tab is pulled, another cake tier appears!  Love the concept.  Love the cards, hope you do too!  Enjoy!


Next week I want to show you more sets of cards I made for the church "job".  See you then!

Happy Stamping!

P.S. I want to make note that yesterday I changed my class dates to different days so if you missed that part, make sure you see yesterday's revised post!


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