Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Praying for You Cards Week 4!

Hello!  I am in the middle of showing you 7 weeks of praying for you cards that I made for a church in Fort Worth,  This was one of the weeks that I thought, okay what could I do this time?  Easiest is copy your own design!  So, that is exactly what I did!  So, somewhere in the past, you have seen a similar card from me.  But, it doesn't make today's cards any less nice.  It is really a great design.  Simple, but with interest.  Enjoy!

I think this is the week that I started thinking I had better make some that could be sent to men.  So, I think I made 3 each of the top two and 2 of the bottom one.  Sometimes when I am making multiples, the amount I make of each depends on how much paper I have so I am sure that is why a second feminine card got made. 
See you tomorrow for the next set.
Happy Stamping!


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