Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Words of Wisdom!

Hello!  My pick for the quote of the day comes with a story.  A moral, really.  The moral is ... you never know how you or what you do affects other people.  Here's my words of wisdom for the day ...enjoy!

And here is the story... This week was my teaching week and so I always find out the names of who is coming to class, because I make name tags.  Well, one of the names I was given, was a name that sound familiar. I figured she had taken one of my classes in the past.  So, when this lady showed up, she kinda looked familiar and I asked her name and she told me and I thought well, I am not sure about her taking a class before, but I really didn't think anymore about it.  So, after class, she says to me "I had just lost my mother when I found your store". ... (light bulb here - she was a customer of mine!)... "and you and your store saved me"!  (Note here, I told this story to my husband and he rolled his eyes at this point, but anyone that crafts, and I know you do or you wouldn't be reading my blog, "gets it", crafting can feel the void of sorrow, grief, anything and everything!)  The story continues ... she also said that she did not know it was me teaching, until she got here and saw me!  She had seen my cards and thought, hey I will treat myself to a card class for my birthday.  And then finds out I am the one teaching.  Wow, God is in there, for sure!   Thanks for letting me share.  And remember, YOU have gifts to bring to the world, whether it is told to you or not!

Happy Stamping!


Unknown said...

You are sooooo right Tina!!!you have touched many lives wherever you go and whatever you do!!! It might be with your blog, with a heartfelt card you send, a class you teach or words you share in public with a stranger!! Keep up the good work, Tina!
Hugs from Diana B

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