Monday, September 14, 2015

Baby Explosion Box!

Hello!  I am finally able to share the explosion box that Donna and I made on our camping trip for her stepdaughter who is expecting her second child.  I hinted that I had something special to share with you but that I had to wait until it was received.  Lindsey, her stepdaughter got the box in the mail on Saturday and loved it!  So, I am now super excited to get to show you.  I think I took about 15 photos of it, at every angle possible but I have narrowed that amount here to 5 of the best ones for you.  After doing my explosion box class this last January, I started a pinterest board for different ideas, as I would like to do another class where we add a cake in the inside middle ... maybe next year.  So, recently on pinterest, I saw a baby one that had a baby crib in the inside.  The blogs showed that their cribs were created from one of the circuit type machines which I don't own, but I thought I just need to think about this and maybe I can make one on my own.  You know where this is going ... I did it!  I made a baby crib from cardstock with the help of three dies.  More details on that in a minute.  While I was making a crib, Donna was making her box and deciding on decorations for it.  Okay, I guess I have teased you enough!  Enjoy!
Here is the box closed and with the easel up on the top ...

 Take off the box lid, and it explodes ...
Be sure to click on each photo to make it bigger so you can see more of the detail!



  All the photos show how baby stickers and embellishments were added to each of the side panels.  And in the last photo, you can see that on each of the bottom panels, there are four pull outs with either baby sticker quotes or the one shown on the bottom leaves a place for her to add their signed message.  Donna had a gift card and she placed it in the crib before sending!  Here a couple of details on the crib I made.  First, I came up with the fact that the card loom die would be perfect for the sides of the crib because when you die cut it, it cuts equally spaced lines across with a solid panel at the top and bottom. I just snipped every other strip.   My snips weren't all that straight but it didn't matter because she added the ric rac right over the top!   I created a base for the all the sides to attach to. The two ends were made with a Spellbinders D-Lite Window die.  The top of this die has this pretty filigree opening and I knew it would make perfect sides for a crib.  I had to make a white cardstock pattern for both sides to cover up the window opening.  The last part was the feet.  On two sides I just added a rectangle piece that I had die cut the bottom part with Spellbinders Label 25 and also attached it to the bottom of that same base.  I am so very proud of my baby crib creation and so proud of how great Donna decorated this beautiful box for her stepdaughter and her new baby!  If you have any questions, or would like to know more details, I will gladly provide!  Awesome, right?

Happy Stamping!


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