Monday, May 23, 2016

It's A Girl!

Hello!  On Saturday, I went to a gender release party for my niece and her husband.  You see they had received a sealed envelope from their doctor the sex of the baby which they took to the Bundt cake place.  The cake people put a pink rattle or a blue rattle in the middle of the cake for whatever was in the sealed envelope, then they added a big bow and wrapped the whole thing in plastic.  So, when the cake was cut, Staci pulled out the rattle and it was PINK!  It was so fun that even mommy and daddy didn't know before all of us!  I knew only about a week before the party that my niece is pregnant.  I immediately started thinking about where I could get my hands on a stamp that I could make a card with.  I ended up with a digital image, which I don't really like doing, it feels cheating to me ... but finding a pregnant girl stamp, is hard to find!  I had actually made this card with the pregnant girl image in yellows and greens and was ready to put it in the mail, when I got invited to the party. So, I decided to go ahead and send it and then make two more for the party, one in pink and one in blue.  So, today, I have three cards to show you.  Of course, the pink and blue one, are almost alike except for the color.  Enjoy!

Is the pink & blue card idea not a hoot?  Of course, I cased it from pinterest.  See it here.  On their card, they used those really tiny gold safety pins, but remember I live out in the country, so my retail choices are limited.  Fortunately, I found these that were pretty small at, you guessed it, Walmart!  Ironically, my class this week is baby and wedding cards, which when I came up with the samples, I knew nothing about a baby coming!  So, I know I have two more ideas for cards to make! 

Happy Stamping!


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