Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  I am back with the share between Debbie and I.  I will show you my card, Debbie's card, and the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!

My Card

Debbie's Card

The Sketch
At first glance of the sketch, it looks kinda busy, but seeing how the cards came out, I really think it is a keeper. I love it!  Debbie used one of the crazy birds and made a birthday card for ME!  My birthday is Monday!  Yipee!  I love her card.  Thanks Debbie!  As far as my card, are you thinking it is a little early for a summer theme?  Well, not in Texas, as we have already had a few 90 degree days.  I love summer papers and I found that this new pad can add to my collection of past summer 6 x 6 pads!  This stamp set is from a defunct company and all the images are so fun, you will see it again, I am sure!  What do you think about the sketch?

See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


voyager said...

🎈Happy Birthday on Monday, Tina! 🎶🎉🎂🎈I hope you enjoy your day! Love the cards and the sketch. Marlene

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