Sunday, July 31, 2016

Onesie Card Creation!

Hello!  A few days ago, I got asked if I could make a card for a baby shower.  I said okay and asked for a couple of details.  So, I found it was a girl, the baby's room is purple and mom likes monkeys.  In just a little while, I had my idea and off I went to make my card.  I cased the onesie idea from myself, from the class I taught a few months ago.  Here is my card.  Enjoy!

I love how it came out.  And I think they did too.  Speaking of babies, I am making a first 12 month baby book for my niece.  I have just started working on it.  She is not due until November, so I figure I have a few more months to get it done, but I tend to be a procrastinator, so I am working on it early when I can. 
See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


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