Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  I have the share between Debbie and I today.  For my card this week, I made a patriotic card in honor of the military who fight for our freedom.  As you know, I am a member of the Blue Star Mothers.  On Monday we received heartbreaking news that  the president of our chapter son, who was retired Army, took his own life.  Yesterday, was the funeral and burial at the National Cemetery. I often make patriotic cards when we are sending cards to our troops but not usually "just because", but this week I was called to do it.  Please when you say your prayers, please add the Barrett family to your list.  Thanks.  Okay, now I will show you  my card, Debbie's card and the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!

My Card
Debbie's Card
The Sketch
 I love Debbie's fun summery card.  I need a floaty!  It is HOT!  I think we both liked the sketch!  Do you?

I have to get to my class samples this week.  I was planning on working on them this last week, but I switched gears when I heard the news, because I just know that I would not be able to be creative in making class cards when I am down.  So, this last week, I worked a little more on the baby book I am making.  The main thing I found out is that I was thinking I was going to add pages with folds and pockets to a pre made book that I bought.  Early last week, I got a couple of pages made and realized ... way too thick!  So, either I have to buy some other kind of pre made book, preferably in the size that I have already cut most of the pages or change gears and make one from scratch!  OMG, that is what I am doing!  Right now it all seems really flimsy, as my chipboard is definitely lighter weight than the Prima chipboard book is, but I am hoping after all the pages are in and it is all covered inside and out, it is will be fine.  I sure hope so! 

See you soon!
Try to stay COOL!
Happy Stamping!


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