Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You Rock!

Hello!  My card for today is one that I did not design but I did help make, as my friend Donna and I made 20 of these cards to add to boxes that are being sent to our troops.  You might remember, as I have mentioned it before, that my friend Donna is a member of Blue Star Mothers of America, the Bluebonnet Chapter 13.  This group of ladies have children who are serving or have served in any of the branches of the Armed Forces.  They meet monthly to pray and support each other and then quarterly they put together care packages to send overseas.  Last night was one of those package packing nights and I was able to go with Donna.  Donna's son is my Godson and he is in the Marines, but not currently deployed.  Last year, I participated in three of the parades they walk in to honor the military.  So, last night, they made me an associate member.  It does make me proud to do something to support our troops.  The last garage sale that The Crafty Scrapper had, they collected items for the care packages, as a entry fee into the first sale night, so combined with the multiple boxes from this and the boxes the other ladies brought, we had so much so stuff, we were able to send two boxes to each soldier on our list.  The card this time we thought would be fun to do something a little different than the normal red, white, and blue.  Let me show you the card ... enjoy!

I have to show you the inside because when Donna showed me her idea (came from Pinterest, see it here), I thought "oh, how fun it would be to add some pop rocks on the inside of the card".  Donna was able to find them and we added them, so here is the inside.  This card already had everyone's signatures when I took the picture ...

Thanks for letting me share this card and express how wonderful it is that there are such great organizations out there to do what they can for our troops in honoring them, increasing awareness, and providing an emotional lift to the families of the military.  If you have an address of a soldier that could use care packages, email me.  Or if you are interested in either donating items for the care packages or donating money to send the packages, email me and I will get you hooked up with information. 

See you tomorrow!
Happy Stamping!


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