Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  I am back today with another sketch share between Debbie and I.  The sketch today is interesting.  It is a little different, but I like it.  Let's get to it, so you can see what you think.  I will show you my card, Debbie's card, and the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!

My Card

Debbie's Card

The Sketch
O.k. what do you think?  For one thing, it is nice to have a sketch that is horizontal as opposed to the all the vertical ones.  And, with the slanted panels, it does create "interest".   Like I said above, it is different and I guess since I usually like different, it would make sense that I like this one.  The thing is, without an interesting sketch, every card looks the same.  (to me!)  Thoughts?

I will see you tomorrow for another Sunday quote!
Happy Stamping!


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