Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thinking of You with Angels and A Butterfly!

Hello!  I am back today with three more cards that Donna and I worked on together for a card order for a lady in Ohio that contacted Donna after the Blue Star Mother's convention.  For some suggestions, Donna sent her to her own creations pinterest board.  That is where the first idea came from.  She wanted one with purples, a thinking of you, and a butterfly.  This first card is pretty much cased from a card that Donna had previously made.  Too pretty, not to share ... enjoy!

She also wanted a card with an angel with a dove, also in purple, and also with a thinking of you.  Donna and I combined my stamps, my idea, and some purple papers from her stash to come up with the next card.  I cut the layers and Donna did the coloring.  (Angel stamp is from Stampendous and Thinking of You is from Verve).  So peaceful, so pretty ... enjoy!
Before I go to the next card, I want to share part of the email we got back from the lady we made the cards from ..."The purple butterfly and angel with the doves......unbelieveable!  I wanted the angel with the dove to send to Capt Jennifer Harris's family.  She was a casvac pilot killed in Iraq 2/7/2007 and flew with the Purple Foxes.  Jen had long blond hair....I cant believe the angel has long blond hair!!!  Her call sign was the Dove.   I guess Donna and I had some angels watching over us when we made this card!

She always requested another angel card, this time with blue daisies!  Yes, daisies!  Oh my, this was probably the hardest one for us, a real challenge.  It is not like you buy and angel stamp and think oh, won't that be perfect with that daisy stamp? They just don't seem to go together, but we did it!  In the same email, she explained it as ... "The angel with the BLUE DAISES have a very special meaning for our past BSM President, Kris Dervin."  So, glad we could meet her expectations.  I do love how it came out.  ... Enjoy!

I found in Donna's stash this corner daisy stamp and thought, hmm. maybe I could make that work.  So, I stamped the daisy stamp in the corners.  Donna stamped the angel, did all the coloring, and I, went looking for some kind of paper that the angel could "rest" on.  That cloud paper was so perfect!  (Sorry, I didn't make note of who makes the stamps I used.  I can find out, if you need me to.) 

What do you think of the three cards I showed you today?  I am so glad we did a great job for the order.  It is just a feel good kinda thing!

Happy Stamping!


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