Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday's Sketch Share (on Sunday)!

Hello!  I have a pretty good excuse for being late ... maybe ...we can blame this one on the postal service because for some unknown reason this week, it took Debbie's card longer than the usual one day to get to me.  But, of course, if I wouldn't been gone yesterday to go to another stamp convention, I would have been home to get the mail and do the post on time.  I guess I can't blame it all on the postal service!  Hee, Hee!  The show yesterday was small but always fun with friends!  And I got to drive my new Captiva Sport ... YEA!  I so love being back in a small SUV.  I have missed it so!  I guess we had better get to what you came for, right?  This week's sketch was the choice between circle and square.  Debbie and I both went square.  And both are seasonal, winter for her and Valentine's for me.  Let's do it ... I will show you my card, Debbie's card, and the sketch we both used!  Enjoy!

My Card

Debbie's Card

The Sketches
I like the way they both came out.  However, I think both cards would have worked a little better if they would have been larger size squared cards, as there is a lot going on in a very small space.  What do you think?

In between buying a car, going off to Tyler twice, once with family, and once to go to an estate sale, I have been working a lot on my January class which I will be teaching this next week.  Donna even helped me one whole day, cut and score!  Aren't friends the greatest?  But, I am not done prepping yet.  I am making 32 kits!  So, it takes some time!  I do have a couple of cards that I made for birthdays that I haven't shown you yet, I will try to get them on here later in the week.

Oh, and the Sunday words of wisdom is following this post.  It's about crafting ... it will give you a giggle!

Happy Stamping!


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