Friday, April 26, 2013

My "GO TO" Sketches Sketchbook!

Hello!  For some time, I have been wanting to do a post with my favorite "go to" sketches.  These all came from the Saturday sketch shares that my friend Debbie and I do each week. About a year ago, I gave you a list up until that point of my favorites.  I was planning to just link that post here, but I couldn't find the post.  It's there, but because I didn't put go to sketches in the title, I was having to go through every post, so instead, I am giving you the original 24 here today.  This is in addition to the 21 favorites since that time.  So, that means there are 45 sketches in my sketchbook!  Through the years, I have done sketches from other folks, like all those monthly sketches that I did from Sketch For You to Try, so I need to go back at some point, and add some of those to my sketchbook too!  But, today, we are just doing the Mojo Monday's which we do every Saturday.  First up, is the latest 21 favorites ...  



Next is the original 24 favorites ....


I hope my sharing of some of my favorite sketches is helpful to you.  I would love to hear your thoughts!  I know there was no handmade cards in this post, so I am doing one more post for you today.  So, look for that one too.

Happy Stamping!


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