Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gift Card Holders + How-To Measurements!

Hello!  Every year I make some kind of gift card holder to put either a gift card or money into for the grandkids and others.  In my December class, I taught one, so I made all the others with the same measurements.  For the class one, we added a bow made from the We R Memory Keepers punch board, but for the grandkids, I just added a stamped circle to match the papers.  Here are the four I made, followed by the class one.  And followed by the measurements and the how-to!  Enjoy!



Gift Card How - To -

The measurements are 5” x 11”, scored at 2 ½”, 3 ½”, 4 ½”, 8 ½”. The belly band wrap around piece is 9” x ¾” and is scored at 1 ½” & 5 ¾” .
1. Laying your base with the score lines close together on the left side, it is a valley at the 2 1/2" score line, a mountain at the 3 1/2" score, a valley at the 4 1/2" and the last score line at 8 1/2" is a valley.   Flip the base over and add score-tape in the small fold.  See photo below ...

2.  Now on the front side you will have a joined piece sticking up.  You will need to make a small pencil mark 5/8" from either end.  For the grandkids that got money instead of a gift card, I made my two pencils marks at 3/4" instead.  Hold the word punch (Stampin' Up) about halfway in and punch at the left side pencil mark, and then punch again at the right side pencil mark, again hallway in.  Punch again or trim.  If you do not own the word punch, you could use scissors or an exacto knife, just make sure you don't go too far in. 
3.  That is it.  Just decorate!  Easy Peasy!

See you tomorrow!
Happy Stamping!


P.S.  I didn't repeat the how-to on the bow, but if you want directions for that, just let me know!





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