Sunday, October 2, 2016

Allison in Wonderland Onesie!

Hello!  A couple of days ago I showed you the mini album I made for my niece and hubby. Today I want to share the card that went with the gift.  The onesie is not that different from the ones I have made before but I added a image that went along with her baby shower theme of Allison in Wonderland.  I went looking for some clip art of the mad hatter rabbit.  The ones I liked the most were on Etsy.  They were hand drawn so it made the rabbit seem cutesy instead of scary.  The problem was that they were in color and I wanted it to be black and white so I could color it.  But, I have a friend that knows all about this and she helped me out.  She purchased the image so we would be dealing with copyright issues and then she used some software she owns to take the color out.  She tried to explain it all to me, but still a little greek.  All I know is she did her magic and I was able to complete my card!  Here it is.  Enjoy!

And the inside ...
I love how it came out!   What do you think? 
If I create it, it goes on this blog, that is my rule.  So ... I made a hat!  Everyone was supposed to wear a hat to the Mad Hatters  Baby Shower.  My friend Donna and I were supposed to work on them together, but Donna's mom got sick and so I was on my own.  I had purchased from the party store a paper mardi gras hat and our idea was to cover it with paper.  Here is a photo of the hat first.


I tried to add paper to this hat, but because it is high on two sides and lower on the other two sides, my paper overlapped at the top and there were huge gaps at the bottom.  It was pretty pitiful.  Ripped the paper off and decided go to Plan B.  Look on pinterest and they have tons of  tutorials but they were like easy tutorial, will only take you 4 hours ... what?? NOT!  Forget that, I got chipboard, taped around my head.  Added paper, struggled with adding paper at the top, but figured who was going to see the top when it is on my head!  Added cardstock for the brim (used a big plate to make the circle) and even made it double thickness when I realized I could see paper on the underside.  Then I worried that the brim wasn't flat, that it was wavy.  Sent a selfie (ugly selfie) to my friend Debbie.  She thought it was fine.  She also gave me a suggestion of adding glittered hearts for some pizzazz.  Great idea!  Here is a photo of my finished hat.

Believe me, I don't want to make a hat ever again, let me just stick to cards (and maybe books and boxes)! 
I will be back tomorrow for a birthday card I made for Gary's daughter.
Happy Stamping!


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