Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saturday's Sketch Share (on Sunday)!

Hello!  I am either a tad late or a tad early if I wanted to share with you our last two Halloween sketch cards!  I love Halloween and in past years I have sent some cards, but this year, I just ran out of time.  Truthfully, there was one day early in the week that I felt like was my last chance to make a few, and what happened that day?  I bought a new car!  And so, I wasn't home to create like I thought would be.  Let's get to today's cards, mine, then Debbie's and then the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!

My Card
Debbie's Card
The Sketch
Both cards came out great!  I got this Halloween set of images from Stampendous that were in parts, like the head, the body, the arm, and the legs were all separate stamps.  How perfect for this sketch as I needed some space between the body and the legs.  I wish I could have done some other cards with the other images like a witch, Dracula, etc.  Next year! I love how on Debbie's card, she made the main panel a fun designer paper and then added her image on top of the horizontal strip.  Her doing that shows me that this sketch is more versatile than I thought it was.  Thoughts?

Happy Halloween!
Happy Stamping!


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