Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Crafty Cutts Dies Samples Share 1 of 3!

Hello!  A few weeks ago, I was asked by Carolyn, the store owner of The Crafty Scrapper to make some cards showing how the six Crafty Cutts dies work, that she ordered from Art Gone Wild and Inky Antics.  I originally were going to make six cards, but then I realized that the three dies from Art Gone Wild are for the insides of the cards and the three dies from Inky Antics are for the outsides.  That is when I decided to only make three cards combining two dies, one on the outside and one on the inside for each card.  I do want to note that I took no pictures before I left the house and so all the card photos were taken at the store where the lighting is not so good.  But, I think it is good enough for you to get the idea about them.  Also, I am splitting the three cards into three days!  Today's card features on the front Inky Antics Card Loom Die and on the inside Art Gone Wild's Rectangle Squares Die ... enjoy!

Below you will see photos of the two dies.  The first one is the one on the front and you will see it simply cuts lines!  But, the key is very straight lines, perfectly spaced!  At the show, Jackie was showing us how they used quilling strips because they are the perfect diameter of 1/4".  But, I used scrapbook paper instead and I love this effect.  I have an idea for an Easter class card.  (FYI: I am doing one die each month in my classes).  Tip for this die is a very important tool ... a bamboo stick!  By weaving the stick through, you can easily add your strips of paper.  The inside die is also below.  It is a great die because when you cut it out, you get 4 sizes of pop-ups.  See that I used them all in my card above, but the placement of these "little helpers" are endless.  

Come by tomorrow and I will show you two more Crafty Cutts Dies by Inky Antics and Art Gone Wild!

Happy Stamping!


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