Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  Today I have two posts for you.  I have another card creation on The Crafty Scrapper's blog and of course this weekly post for the share.  So, when you have finished this one, be sure to scroll down to see the copied post from The Crafty Scapper's blog.  This week was another sketch choice between square and circle.  And this time, both Debbie and I went square and the same small size: 4 1/4" square.  I love doing this size because it fits into an A-2 size envy, however, sometimes, like this sketch, there is alot going on for such little space.  But, I still love how both came out.  I hope you do too.  Let me show you. ... Enjoy!

My Card

Debbie's Card

The Sketches
Sorry you have not seen me this week.  However, I have been creating.  I finished a really cool project for The Crafty Scrapper's design team, in which they gave us all a bag of "stuff" to make something with.  We had to use everything in the bag but could add items as well.  I went way out of my box and made something 3D from scratch.  I can't wait to share with you, but I have to wait until they put in on the store's blog first.  And then I also finished my latest group of design team's cards, one of which is on their blog today (don't forget to scroll down to see it here on my blog). And Donna and I got together on Thursday and made 20 cards to take to the Blue Mother's meeting on Monday night to put in the boxes that we will be sending to the troops.  I will show you that card on Monday.  Oh, also one whole day I spent repricing wood mounted stamps left over from my store to take to the store's garage sale ...which is going on RIGHT NOW.  I am staying away so I won't have more money owed on the credit card!  I made the prices very low this time, so if they still don't sell, well, maybe it is time to donate!  Got my fingers crossed I sell some!

See you tomorrow for the Sunday words of wisdom post!
Happy Stamping!



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