Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creative Tea Tickets!

Hello!  I have mentioned a few times here on my blog that I was working on making the tea tickets for my ladies church group.  I think this is the fourth year I have made tickets for our ladies tea.  In the past, I simply typed this info on cardstock, cut them to about 2 x 3 1/2" and either die cutted with cardstock and pattern paper or stamped and colored in a small tea cup at the top.  They were always well liked.  But, this time, I really wanted to do something different.  So, originally I thought I could get a friend to cut tea cups with her circuit and then I could just print the info on white and add to the top.  I soon found out that the teacup shape was going to have to be pretty big for that to happen.  She cut a second layer to see what it would look like and then ... the ideas started happening!  Decided to do an insert but when I could see that there still might not be enough room to get all the info on it, the idea formed to do a double layer which led to making it look like a tea bag.  At this point, I decided to play with the printing and different fonts to decide which way to go.  I asked my friend Donna and she thought the tea bag idea was adorable and said that is what I should do.  She also suggested that I dig out my Rubber Stamp Tapestry peg stamps and see if one of them would work to add flowers to the front of the tea cups.  Yes, that was added work, but the result is undeniable!  Let me show you ... enjoy!

 And when the insert is pulled out ...

I took them to church with me this morning.  They loved them!  And so do I!  How about you?

See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


terry said...

Adorable!! You have to love those Tapestry stamps...;)

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