Thursday, December 24, 2015

Money Cards with a How-To Link!

Hello!  In my December class, I had taught a really fun gift card holder that not only held a gift card or money but that would also hold some candy.  I originally thought I would make more of these for the grandkids, but I kept forgetting to pick up some candies for the box part, so I decided to just make some simple money holders.  I made them all with red cardstock and just picked different scrapbook papers for the decoration part, added a paper box and called it good.  They don't really care as they mostly care about the money inside!  I made seven of them but did not take photos of all of them.  Here are just a couple so you can have a visual ... enjoy!

 Above is one I made for one of the "girls" and the next one is one I made for one of the 'boys".  All the bows were in the middle except for the one above, as I didn't want to cover up the sweet birds.  (But why is it off center too?  Oh well!)

And here is the inside ...

I found this money holder on Pinterest.  It is really simple and that little money holder notch on the inside is made with the Envelope Punch board!  For the full tutorial with photos, look here. The cardstock base is 8 1/4" x 7".  You will score on long side at 3" and 6".  And then you will make your notch with the punch board and your trimmer, fold up the bottom part, adhere with scor-tape, add the DP strip of paper to match the front and add a stamped sentiment and that is it!  Easy Peasy!   After I did them all, I decided to keep it simple and use that same punch board to make the bow.  Here is that tutorial from my own blog post here.  I punched the little tags from a McGill punch and tied them to the bows.  I think it worked out great!  Glad I could share!

Today is Christmas Eve.  Growing up this was the day my family always got together, had the big dinner and opened presents.  I have so many awesome memories, but yet it's kinda sad too, as none of the family is still on this earth and Christmas with Gary's kids and grandkids was last Sunday, so all is quiet here.  I will be going to the Candlelight service this evening and that will make me know it is Christmas, for sure! 

Merry Christmas to all! 


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