Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Little Organization Share!

Hello!  The last couple of days, when I have been in my stamp shack, I am thinking about all the card ideas I have, and the fact that I have to get a couple of birthday cards made and sent by Friday.  So, do I work on them?  No, I work on something entirely different!  Stamp stuff organization is an on going process, as you know.  A while back, I started putting some of the Spellbinders nestibilities dies, that I don't use as often, in some CD cases, as I found out my hubby has a huge box of empty CD cases he said I could use some of!  (Remember my hubby's hobby is music.)  So, I found that most all the nestibilities fit very well in these.  Wal-mart has packages of magnet sheets that can be cut to fit the CD cases to hold the nestibilities in place.  So, it works for them.  But, lately, I have purchased many border dies from companies like My Favorite Things, The Cat's Pajamas, and Taylored Expressions.  Note here that I have quite a collection from My Favorite Things, as the store I am teaching at, is carrying their line of stamps and dies.  These dies are about 6" long and they do not fit in the CD cases.  Well, I guess one would at an angle but how about all the others?  So, my thought was ... maybe I could make a book to hold them all in one place!  When I had my store, we bought all kinds of clear envelopes in all kinds of sizes to either resale or use for merchandising.  I have the big box of leftover clear envelopes and bags in my shack.  The ones I ended up using for this project are actually taller than the die which I think works fine but the envy was also a lot wider than I would have liked.  But it works.  I found some bright pink cardstock in the ex-Imprints box which means free and not waisting my good cardstock!  I cut the cardstock to fit the envelope and used the tape at the top of the envy to secure the cardstock in.  Then I cut a strip of magnet to hold my die. And, used my label maker to add the die name to the outside of the envy.  I made the outside front and back by just covering pieces of chipboard and added "my border dies" title to the front with some thickers I have in my stash.  The front is still kinda plain but I can spoof it up later, as I just wanted to get the book done so I could show that to you.  Here are my pics!

The Front

Shows Top of Clear Envy

Envy with die inserted and label

Shows how thick book is.

3 Pages are ready to add more dies.
That is my share for today.  I have no idea until I am in the middle of a project, whether this idea is a workable one or not.  I will just have to wait and see.  But, this project cost very little.  The magnets -$2, part of one scrapbook sheet, and then the envys, the cardstock, the chipboard all came from ex-Imprints stash so that means paid for a long time ago, and then 6 rings of the one inch size for the bind-it-all.  So, basically, if I don't like it, I won't feel that I wasted a lot of money, just a little time.  And the time, I enjoyed! 

Hope to be back tomorrow with a couple of those birthday cards I need to get to!

Happy Stamping!


Teresa said...

Will you bring it to Waxachie next week?

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