Monday, October 28, 2013

Last of the Card Pouches!

Hello!  The church bazaar that I have been making things for was last Friday.  Our advertising wasn't the best so we really didn't get the outside traffic we were hoping for, but even without it, we did awesome.  Between the bazaar items, the bake sale, the lunch, and the quilt sales giveaway, I think it brought in over $3000.  Even  though is now over, I still haven't shown you all the stuff I made.  So, today I am showing the last pics of the cards and card pouches.  I made 10 sets and I sold half of them.  Not bad.  And the thing is, I can use the cards as needed for myself.  I mean the Christmas sets that I am showing you today, did not sell at all!  So, that means I have 8 cards ready for Christmas!  Yea!  Let me show you ... enjoy!

Front of Pouch
Card in Pouch set

Different Sentiment for Second Pouch
Front of Pouch

Card in Pouch Set
Different Sentiment for Second Pouch Set
The last two sets above I really like.  Love how they came out!  I have been asked to teach this and so, you will probably see this again when I get to my class samples for January.

My friend Donna and I are off tomorrow for a little mini getaway for her birthday.  I am setting up a couple posts for you now to show you while I am away.  I still have to show you the post-it notes I made for the bazaar, but I want to spend some time on that one, giving you instructions, so I am putting that one off until Friday when I get back home. 

Happy Stamping!


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