Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  I am back with another sketch share between Debbie and I.  This week is one of the those sketch choices between a circle and a square.  For months and months, I almost always did the circle choice, but then the last couple of times, I have gone with the square choice, but I have made it a small square.  Today, I am going a full size square! Mainly this happened as I picked out an image I wanted to use, and it wouldn't fit on the smaller square, so I had to go big!  Debbie, on the other hand, usually does squares, but this week, went with the circle choice!  Let me show you our cards.  First mine, and then Debbie's, and then the sketch we both used.  Enjoy!
Tina's Card
Debbie's Card
The Sketches
One day on the phone, Debbie and I were talking about how it is o.k. to flip a sketch, if it will work better for you.  She did that on her card today!  Love it!  I love the brightness of my card, the image and the new paper pad.  What do you think of today's cards? 

O.k. I promised I would give you a full report today of the Scrapbook Expo convention I went to yesterday.  It was smaller than the Great American that is usually in May or June in Arlington, but it wasn't as small as the stamp conventions are.  It was at the Gaylord in Grapevine.  We thought there were not enough signs to show you where to park or how to get to the show.  The convention center is a big place, yet the booths were close together and with lots of people, it gets crowded.  I know I have heard that folks think the Great American has so many booths of just deals, where there is a lot of discontinued items being sold for cheap.  There was still some of that at this one.  I was surprised that there were quite a bit of booths with stamps.  We did not stay all day, but I could have made another round, but both my pocketbook and friends were ready to go!  We'll see if they come back.  They probably will, and if what we are hearing about the Great American show going to combine the scrapbooking show with a sewing show, probably more vendors will come to this one instead.  We'll have to wait and see.  All in all, I enjoyed it, as I always run into people I know and haven't seen in a while!  And I always enjoy spending time with friends!

My hubby and I are leaving on a cruise a week from today.  I have enough cards ready to show you through most of next week.  The issue will be for me to have time to do posts for them all.  We'll see how it goes.  I am also teaching my two classes this week in Waxahachie.  And I still have a few things to finish up in my room also.  We'll be a busy week, for sure.  Hopefully, you will see me on Monday with the next card!

Happy Stamping!


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