Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Class Share!

Hello!  You haven't seen me in a couple of days because I was busy getting my class kits done and yesterday teaching my first of two classes this week.  On a good note, I did get the next class samples done, and so I want to show you them today.  I normally don't do the next class samples until after the previous month's classes, but since I will be gone next week, I wanted to get them done now.  I love how they came out.  Let me show you ... enjoy!
Card 1 Front

Card 1 Pop Up Easel
Card 2 Triangle Card Front

Card 2 Triangle Card Open

Card 3 HoneyPop Front
Card 3 HoneyPop Open
My theme for this month is Celebrate Spring.  I think these three do just that!  So, here is the class details, in case you are interested.
Celebrate Spring! Wed. March 27th 11:00 a.m. and Friday March 29th 7:00 p.m.
We are celebrating Spring with three creative and unique cards. On all three, the insides are just as awesome as the outsides, as one is a unique easel type card, a diamond fold card, and a honeyPop card with a vase and flowers. Please bring adhesive to include pop dots and a glue stick, detailed scissors, and your preferred coloring medium. All other supplies provided. (copic colors I used: card 1:B657/G43, Y15, YR16, YR18, Y38, Y11 card 2: RV32/RV34, YR31/Y15, BG10/BG57, G94/G99 card 3: Y08/Y38, BG10/BG45, YG13, RV10/RV14 ...these are listed only for the convenience of those who have asked me to share the colors I used.)

Since I have mostly gone to using copics to color, several ladies in the class, have asked that I let them know ahead of time what colors I used, so they don't have to bring their whole collection to class.  Of course, they know me and know I typically use one to two colors instead of the three color combo that is taught in most copic classes.  I have always said that the "coloring police" might be after me for the way I color!  Hee, Hee!  And that was even before I started doing copics.  Reality is that there are NO RULES in this hobby and also no "coloring police" ... thank goodness!

I have enough cards to show you one a day through the next week, BUT I have to get the posts written to go with the card pics.  And you know me, I am long winded and so that takes some time.  We'll see how it goes.  Right now, I am off to figuring out what I am taking on our cruise next week.  I know what you are thinking ... another cruise?  I think I talked about it on Facebook but I don't think I have here.  Here's the short version ... my hubby has a music hobby, a huge collection of lp's, 45's, cd's etc. etc.  He also buys and sells to make money to buy more for his collection, or in this case, do something special.  You see he bought a 45 at an estate sale for $1 and sold it to a dealer that deals only with rare records for $1500!!  And that is what is paying for this cruise!!  Just FYI: the 45 was from the late 50's and the group on it said The Teen Kings, which was Roy Orbison's garage band before he became famous, plus the 45 was in near mint condition!  This is the most he has ever made on one record.  He has many records in his collection that are worth a pretty penny, but this by far, brought more than the others would.  I am just happy he would part with it, and take me on a cruise. 

See you soon!
Happy Stamping!


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