Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift Money Holders with Tutorial!

Hello!  I am still running behind but at least now I can say the Christmas decorations are out of the boxes and the tree is in the house and decorated and the cards are in the mail.  Woo Hoo!  I had some time to spend in my room last night finishing up the four money holders I need for the grandkids.  Two were sent in the mail yesterday to Arkansas, which I did the day before.  When I was working on the last one, I took some pics with my camera so I can give you a quick tutorial.   Let me show you.  Enjoy!

I love these as they look just like a little gift package.  Before I get to the tutorial, first I need to give credit to the blog I found this great idea on.  You can see the post here.  And I believe in her post, she gives credit to who she got the idea from and you can see that one here.  It was in this last one that I got the actual instructions, so if my instructions are confusing, you might check hers out!  That is what I love about "blogland"!  So many ideas! 

1. Cut cardstock to 4" x 11".  In horizontal position, score at 4', 5.5" and 7".  Valley fold on the 4 and 7 inch score lines, and mountain fold on the 5.5 inch score line.

2.  Flip over and add adhesive so that the V will be adhered together.  I have used score tape in the pic below to show where your adhesive will be.
3.  Flip back over and add adhesive to form a pocket.  In below pic, when the adhesive tape liner is removed, and it is folded over, a pocket will be formed.
4.  For the present top, cut card stock to 3" x 4 1/4" and score in half in the vertical position at 1 1/2" and fold. Add scrapbook paper to the front  of the topper and to the underside that will show when card is open. 
5.  Add adhesive to the inside back of this piece and attach to the back of the card base.  It is a very good idea to make sure it not only will fit at the top of the base fold but that it is straight before adhering.  (don't ask me how I know this, and also how I know that score-tape is hard to pull up without taking cardstock with it when you don't like how you adhered it!)  First pic shows tape before adhering and next pic shows the top on. 

6.  You will want to open the card back up, and finish the inside.  I added some paper on the inside top panel where the pocket is and also the sentiment panel on the inside bottom.
7.  To create the package "faux" ribbon, I used two sizes of Spellbinders Petite Oval dies and ran them thru my big shot at the same time to create these open ovals.  I saw in the blog instructions, the lady used two different size oval punches, but I don't have them so I used what I have!  I debated on whether the ovals were too big looking for my box, but I decided it was o.k. and went with it! 
8.  At this point, all I did was overlap them and glue dotted each oval to the one before to create my faux ribbon loops.  And then I added more glue dots on the backside and stuck the formed ovals to the front at the top. And added a 1/2" x 1 1/2" red strip on top to cover it and then a big bauble on top of that.
9.  One last thing, I added a Basic Grey magnet under the "top" and the front of the base "present" for a closure.  I normally would have added them under the paper where they wouldn't show, but I decided since I was making these for "kids", that are not going to care one way or the other, I would simplify it and just do it the easy way!

Even though it took me 9 steps to show you, these were super simple to make.  They could be used for anytime of the year and would also hold a gift card perfectly!  Would love to hear what you think of them and let me know if my tutorial was helpful and made sense! 

I am working on cards for my mom and hubby, so I will try to post those to show you tomorrow.  And then on Saturday, I will have another sketch share ... and the last Christmas card! 

Happy Stamping!


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