Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011 Favorites!

Happy New Year!  I have been planning all week to go through this year's blog posts and pick out my favorites!  I really thought I did a lot less posts in 2011, than in 2010, but guess what?  Last year, I did 200 posts.  This post will make number 203 for 2011!  In going through the posts to pick out my favorites, I also realized, I did make a lot of cards!  Last year, I just couldn't narrow it down to just 12, well ... this year is no exception!  Last year, I showed you my top 36 and that is exactly what you are getting from me this year!  Let's get to it ... my top 36 favorites each with a link to the original post.  (Just click on the title under the pic to go to the original post).  Enjoy!

I Heart Ewe!

The Top 10 Reasons I Love You!

Don't Forget I Love You!

Whale You Be My Valentine?

Pretty Floral Prayers!

Everything Beautiful!

Celebrate Spring!

O Lord My Glory!


Chicks Rule!

Some Bunny Loves You!

Together 'Til We Croak!
Chickadee, Chickadoo!

To One of My Favorite Peeps!

You're So Tweet!

What A Blast!

Crazy for Daisies ... And You!

Life's A Breeze!

Count Your Age by Friends!

Ready ... Set ... Blow!

You're Our Top Dog!

Good Things Come To Those Who Bait!

I'm Bananas For You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Got Lemons?

Popping By To Say Hi!

With A Cherry On Top!

Love is Everything!

Brewing Up Wishes!

Sun Up to Sun Down!

Witchly Wishes!

Pumpkin Girl!

Reindeer Holiday Cheer!

Season's Tweetings!

Sending You A Little Christmas!

Santa's Little Helper!

Wishing You Peace, Joy, & Cheer!

Wow!  That is my 36 favorites ... in cards.  But, I think I must add a pic and link to my favorite 2011 project!  Enjoy! 

Shadowbox Gift

We had family here visiting this week, but I did get time to do a little cleaning in my shack.  Boy, did it need it.  It is now clean and ready for me to start again!  And I will be doing just that.  So, hopefully, I will be back in a few days with some new creations! 

Hope you get everything you hope for in 2012!
Happy Stamping!


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