Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday's Sketch Share!

Hello!  I told you I would be back with card creations as I finished each design, but, I know, you have not seen me. So, now I have a least 4 posts, not including this one, I want to do to show you what I have been busy creating.  I don't feel like I have been in my "shack" all that much, but if you look at my house, you would think so, as we got a fresh tree a few days ago and it is still propped up on the front porch, ready to be brought in and decorated.  The same is true with the house decorartions.  The boxes were brought in from the shed, but that is it!  I know I said I wasn't going to fret if I don't get all my cards made, but I still have 2 or 3 more ideas and if I do those, I think I will have them all done!  So here's the count so far:  I started with 9 cards that were created for classes I taught, I made an extra card last month when I did the SFYTT challenge, and I made 3 of the card I showed you last week with the lights border die and 9 of the card I will show you today.  (Total: 22).

So, let's get to today's sketch share. I will show you my card, Debbie's card and the sketch.  Enjoy!

My Card

Debbie's Card

The Sketch
It is really hard to tell in the pic, but my card has a unique opening, as the left side is cut to open separately from the right side.  A couple of months ago, I taught a class with this opening and as I was doing the prep work for the class kits, I found that I had cut too many of these base cards, so I just put them aside, thinking that maybe sometime later I could make use of them.  When I saw this sketch, I knew they would work perfectly!  I do want to show you that on the other 9 I made one change I like better.  The one above I made specifically for this challenge, because in the sketch, the right side panel does not go all the way to the edge, and I wanted to make my card match this.  I see Debbie's does go to the edge, which is perfectly o.k. to do, as it is the whole point of showing how different people interpret the same sketch.  So, here is the pic of the change I made for the ones to send and also a pic showing how the card opens.  Enjoy!

Just FYI:  The paper I used was from Pink Paislee - Snow Day Line.  A perfect match!

I will be back soon with another post to continue the count!

Happy Stamping!


Marie said...

Love this unique opening card. So very creative. TFS

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