Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Class Share Card #1!

Hello! I spent the last couple of days out in my shack working on creating my next class samples. For some reason, the creating process for the class samples is more intense than me just creating a card for me. I am always relieved when they are finished and I can show them to you. Normally, I show you all my class samples for each class in one email. But ... since the class samples are the only cards I have made this week (except for the Sat. share card, which I can't show you until Sat.), I am going to show the cards to you in four separate posts, one tonight, one on Thursday, and two on Friday! You see my May class includes 4 cards. And, that way I can get my 5 posts in for the week! A little cheating, but it is what it is! Let me show you card #1. Enjoy!

Last year, in one of my classes I did a flower pot card.  You can see that one here.  I went with the same designed pot but this one is different because each flower pulls out of the pot to reveal a sentiment.  Here is a pic of the flowers pulled out ...

The flowers are really special too!  I used a new stamp set from Inky Antics that when stamped on their honeycomb pads will create different flowers.  So, all 5 flowers are different.  Such a fun new way to use all the small leftover pieces I had after making honeypop cards.  Here is a pic of the set I used.

So, that I don't have to repeat the class details on the next 4 posts, I will wait and add them on my last Friday post.   So, what do you think about card #1?  I love how it came out, don't you?

See you tomorrow with card #2.
Happy Stamping!


~Michelle~ said...

oooh, love your project! As designer of this set yours is the first project I've seen someone else fun! :)
Love your idea....I just may have to CASE you! ;)

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