Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Favorites!

Hello!  I am back today with my favorites creations of 2012.  It seems I am going to be a little short on total blog posts for the year, as this post makes 181 and last year, I had 203 posts.  Oh well, I still made lots of great cards. And I know this because I had a really hard time narrowing my favorites down to the top 36.  Thank goodness, the last two years I have done the top 36, as I could never pick just 12!  I am going to be organizing and showing you a little differently this year, as I found that there were a lot of favorites in the classes I taught and the Saturday shares.  I am showing you the class cards first.  As always, if you click on the title under the pics, it will take you to my original blog post. 

Favorite Class Cards:

I Love You!

I Salute You!
Hey Chick!
Howdy Friend!
Hello My Friend!

Just for Sweet You!
Tea Time!
Count My Blessings!
Don't Forget to Smile!
Season's Greetings!
Snow Much Fun!

Box Card Gift!

O.k. that was 12!  The next 8 are from cards I made for the Saturday Sketch Shares. 

Box of Love!
Toad-ally Great!
Some Bunny Loves You!
A Beautiful Day!
You Brighten My Day!
Hive Been Thinking About You!
Cow Are You!
Life is a Song!

Presto #1
Presto #2
Presto #3
Smile #1
Smile #2
Smile #3
Smile #4

Then there are two cards that got repeated over and over, same stamps, but different papers and sketches.  I am picking my favorite of each but I am giving you all the links!

Praying for You!
And one above + 13 more to round out my top 36 picks!
Hey Ewe!
A Happy Hello!

Happy Mom's Day!
Thank You My Friend!
To The World!
Praying for You!
Birthday Wishes!
You Shine!

From Our House to Yours!
Santa's Little Helper!
Season's Tweetings!
Sweet Holiday Wishes!
Glory to God!

It seems I couldn't resist picking a bunch of the Christmas cards I recently made!  I hope you enjoyed going through all the cards and the provided links!  It has taken me several hours today to make my selections, upload them, and link them for you! 

I got a new stamp with New Year's in mind, but I am a little behind.  Before I can create anything, I have to go clean up my room.  It is in shambles from all the Christmas card creating!  So, look for me in a day or two with my first card for 2013! 

Happy New Year!
Happy Stamping!



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